28 December 2013

I’m pleased to report that good progress has been made over the last few months with all 8no. indoor scenes completed and loaded into the NLE, together with synced outboard audio, and an initial test render made. This leaves just the 4no. outdoor scenes to be filmed during the forthcoming Spring (March-May) and the final outdoor Scene 13 during late Summer (August).

I’m looking forward to filming the outdoor scenes, which includes some shots using one of my old Nikon D200 telephoto camera DX lenses, the AF VR-Nikkor 80-400mm 1:4.5-5.6D with a 4/3 adapter. I have already tried it on the GH3 with the adapter. I just hope that the weather will not be too windy (or the traffic is not too heavy), as this combination is very susceptible to vibration. Some of the other outdoor scenes also makes use of the flycam, so I’m also looking forward to those as well!

Here’s a teaser trailer of the film compiled from the indoor scenes:-

[As from 27 January 2014 this video has been updated - for details see http://wp.me/p2YuWY-7x ]

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2 comments on “28 December 2013

  1. […] Im laufe diesen Jahres soll eine neue Doku über den Field Recordist Lawrence Barker entstehen. Voraussichtliche Veröffentlichung ist zwischen November und Dezember 2014. Aktuelles gibts auf dem Blog ‘The Field Recordist‘. […]

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