The Field Recordist – An Autobiographical Documentary Film

East Raynham_02


“Audio field recordings act as a powerful trigger, transporting me back to the original place they were captured………they are more powerful than any image captured on camera and even surpass those caught on video – they are quite magical!”

Lawrence Barker


The Field Recordist is a personal reflection of my own passion for audio field recording over the past 45 years.

All film audio is from recorded narrative and original captured field recordings and does not contain fabricated or synthesized audio, or non-field recorded music. Any layered audio tracks will be individually recognised, such as voiceover, narrative, or background field recordings.

The film, which has taken two years to complete is freely available to view below.

Best viewed in HD, but for those with slow internet connections and low download bitrates, it’s best viewed in lower quality – adjust quality to suit by clicking the ‘gear-wheel button’.

Best heard with headphones to appreciate the full stereo field