Norwich City Sound Hunter

Field recording is often associated with capturing the sounds of nature, such as the gentle rustling of leaves, the distant ‘hoot’ of an owl, or the ‘twittering’ of the skylark from high above the field; sounds more often to be found within the ambience of ‘quiet’, or ‘remote’ locations.

However, ‘Homo sapiens’ also belong to the natural world, but too often they and their activities are overlooked and even avoided whilst out field recording; so I thought I would redress the balance and make a concerted effort to capture some of the unique sounds made by that particular species, found within the ambience of a city centre location; in particular Norwich City, Norfolk, UK.

Recorded on 09 December 2014.

Technical details:
Video: GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Camera, 1920x1080p (16:9) 47.952fps CineForm
Audio: Olympus LS-11 on GoPro mounting frame. Recorded with inbuilt X-Y stereo pattern microphones, with faux-fur windshield. Format 48KHz/24bit.

Weather very cold with blustery wind conditions, not ideal for sound recording!


Many thanks to David Perry, the Norwich Puppet Man for participating and being his usual friendly self.

Rode NT5 Microphones – Modified ORTF-NOS Recording Technique Sonic Fields

The following information was originally posted on my ‘Sonic Fields’ blog, 09 September 2010 and is provided here on request. It relates to my modified ORTF-NOS array, showing microphone placement within a standard Rode Blimp System.

Sorry about the quality, poor resolution charts and misaligned tables, missing audio files, links etc. as the only way I could get my original mhtml archive file to upload here was by converting it to pdf format, but at least it explains the working principles of this particular stereo array, and how the NT5 microphones are arranged. Please click on the link below.

Modified ORTF_NOS