Village Sounds


‘Village Sounds’ is a mid-side stereo field recording captured at approximately 8:00pm on 07 June 2016 in Saham Hills, a typical English village situated in the heart of rural Norfolk, United Kingdom.

This natural field recording includes the sound of wild birds, the distant sound of Saham Toney church bells, the sound of a local handyman, the distant sound of gunfire from a military training area, and  all other elements of ambient sound to be heard at that particular time and location.


5 responses

  1. Hi,

    I spotted your blog a few days ago and have been curious about the RME premamp in your bag. What accumulator are you using to supply the device?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Patrick,

      It’s a YUASA NP7-12FR Sealed Lead Acid 12V, 7Ah, which supplies both the RME Quadmic through its power jack (which can operate on DC 7V- 38V drawing 380mA @ 12V) and also the Edirol R-4 (Operates at 12V, 200mA) which is connected to the 12V YUASA battery pack through a set of dummy batteries which I made; these replace the normal batteries located inside the Edirol battery compartment.

      The RME Quadmic also provides 48V phantom power supply for the microphones.

      I am surprised how well this battery still performs, given its design life of 3 – 5 years, as it was purchased for less than £12 incl. delivery, back in March 2009 and still holds its charge for a good day out recording.

      1. Thanks for the detailed answer. With >2.6kg it seems to be quite heavy but it seems to last for many many hours. Current price is about 20€ which is quite fair for me.


  2. Hello,

    I saw that you used the quadric RME connected to an Edirol. You made connection p10 (rme out) stereo to xlr (edirol)?. What is the exit sign of RME? Is the RME preamp quiet?
    I’m thinking of using a quad RME connected to my Tascam dr-680. Can it be a good one?

    Ivan Lemos

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Yes the RME Quadmic is connected to the Edirol R-4 (1/4″ jack plug (p10) line-out from RME Quadmic with XLR plug into the Edirol R-4).

      I am a bit uncertain about what you mean with respect to the ‘exit sign of RME’.

      The RME Quadmic has quiet preamps. For more information about the RME Quadmic, please read this review

      Should be ok for your Tascam, I see it has x4 combi mic/line inputs.

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