Saham by Gaslight

‘Saham by Gaslight’, an eleven track album captures the natural ambience heard between midnight and dawn at Saham Hills, a typical English village set in the heart of rural Norfolk. UK.

As with all Lawrence Barker’s natural field recordings, no attempt has been made to either enhance the audio, or filter out unwanted sounds by the use of audio processing techniques. The use of headphones places the listener at the particular time and location the recording was captured.

Album released May 27, 2017

The embedded player above is set to track 10: ‘The Stillness of Night: Roe Deer & Owls’. Use fingers or arrows to scroll down or up to other tracks.

If you’re puzzled by the audio in track 11: Recorded 11 May 2017. The owl is as expected, but the osprey in this case is a £43M Bell Boeing V-22 ‘Osprey’ of the USAF based at RAF Mildenhall.

Individual track information and high resolution versions of the audio files are available via the Bandcamp player link.

………. Enjoy!

2 responses

  1. Timothy Andrew Davis | Reply

    hi Lawrence. I so enjoyed learning about FIELD RECORDING. I see THE RECORDIST on utube. I decided to become one. I recently bought me a field recorder. It be great to talk to you. Tim Davis

    1. Hi Timothy,

      Pleased to hear that you’ve become interested in field recording and managed to buy yourself a recorder, something which you will not regret in later life, when you sit down and listen back at your own recordings.
      If I could give you some advice, it would be to just get outside and record! You may well be disappointed with your first attempts, but do not despair, just keep at it and you will find your techniques and quality of recordings will improve over time.
      Most importantly, store and back-up all your recordings, even your first recordings, good or bad, as these will bring back your memories in later life.

      Best of luck!

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