‘Born and bred’ prior to the present-day all pervasive background drone of road and air traffic, mechanised garden machinery, powered hand tools, HVAC systems and domestic appliances; I remember life without being subject to the constant bombardment of the eardrums by loud music both inside and outside shops, public buildings, doctors’ surgeries, and at each and every turn made.

A lifetime career as a Local Government Officer in Public Health Engineering and Water & Environmental Management within the rural counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, has made me aware of the huge changes which have taken place there. My big regret, due to a combination of my limited financial resources and the high cost of recording equipment (explained in my film), is that I was unable to capture audio field recordings during those earlier periods of my life, prior to that all pervasive background noise previously mentioned. Even so, at times it saddens me when listening to my earlier recordings which remind me of  ‘this green and pleasant land’, only to be jolted back to reality afterwards by the ‘sonic turmoil’ we now live in!

Lawrence Barker BA(Hons) MCIWEM C.WEM.

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