Blog Update

Followers will have noticed major changes taking place to this blog. These are being made to reflect my interest in both audio field recording and also its filmmaking aspect, although my opinion still remains:

Audio field recordings are more powerful than any image captured on camera and even surpass those caught on video – they are quite magical!

However, media-related consumerism has resulted in the ‘popular audience’ left feeling dissatisfied and even dejected, unless the contents can be displayed in at least 2K and in less than 5 minutes; with field recordings being possibly the least attractive of all audio-related media. Hopefully, the complete AV media experience encompassed in film/video format will help attract more interest and encourage a younger generation to take up field recording.

There are currently two filmmaking projects in progress:-

  • A Year In The Life Of A Field: A long-term project which is now coming to fruition, and yes it has taken one year to record. The editing will be time-consuming but interesting. (Now complete: A Year In The Life Of A Norfolk Field )
  • Sounds From The Shed: A short, but technically challenging film, currently in script-writing stage.

In the meantime I have a lot more work to do in completing the rationalisation of my audio, photographic and video/film archives –  digital AV files are not what they’re cracked up to be, they may be easy to edit, duplicate etc., but their lifespan is infinitesimally short and expensive to maintain, compared to their analogue equivalent!

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