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Electronica Digitalis


A short piece of experimental music which I composed in October 2010 from electromagnetic wave radiations, emitted by various electronic equipment, including:-

BT Broadband Home Hub
Laptop Computer
Wind-up Radio
Flat Screen Television
Sony Hi-MD Mini Disc Recorder MZRH1

The description entry for one of the tracks used in the composition initially puzzled me, but whilst listening to the track my memory immediately confirmed that the description was in fact correct as shown ‘Sony MZRH1 recorder, recording itself, recording itself ‘ ….and no it’s not a typo of the entry, which initially made me think otherwise.

All rumbles, clicks, clonks and whistles were recorded with a telephone pick-up coil fed direct to a Sony MZRH1 Hi-MD Recorder, which were then processed and edited into this piece.