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Field Recording With The HHB Portadisc

Both analogue tape-based, and earlier digital recorders in the form of minidiscs which use the ATRAC recording algorithm, have their own pleasing character, or colour; unlike the sterile sound produced by modern high resolution digital recorders.

The HHB Portadisc DP 500 Professional MiniDisc Recorder is one such recorder still be using by The Field Recordist to capture this more characterful ATRAC sound.


Field Recording Photography

Field recording bees in an oilseed rape field, Norfolk, United Kingdom, 26 April 2018.

Recording equipment includes a Sound Devices SD702 two-channel audio field recorder and monopod-mounted Rode blimp suspension & windshield system containing an Audio Technica BP4025 XY stereo microphone. Sennheiser HD 25-1 II monitoring headphones.

Field Recording Bees In Oilseed Rape

Saham Hills Unleashed


Recorded at Saham Hills, Norfolk, England. UK. ‘Saham Hills Unleashed’ is a 3-track album of natural field recordings carried out between 23:11hrs 31 December 2016 and 00:10hrs 01 January 2017.

The 3no. tracks capture an amazing diversity of sound to be heard from Saham Hills, which includes not only the more distant and heart-warming ‘mellow’ sound of church bells wafting in on the gusty breeze, as bell ringers work hard to tame the 6 bells within St. George’s Church at Saham Toney, but also a sonic assault from the immediate neighbourhood as New Years Eve celebrations get under way. Party and firework celebrations can also be heard from afar, as the surrounding villages and particularly the market town of Watton appear to jump-start the New Year celebrations.

WARNING  **********  Listener discretion advised. Do not be deceived by the quieter passages within the tracks, as there are some sudden, unexpected, and seriously loud events!!


Village Sounds


‘Village Sounds’ is a mid-side stereo field recording captured at approximately 8:00pm on 07 June 2016 in Saham Hills, a typical English village situated in the heart of rural Norfolk, United Kingdom.

This natural field recording includes the sound of wild birds, the distant sound of Saham Toney church bells, the sound of a local handyman, the distant sound of gunfire from a military training area, and  all other elements of ambient sound to be heard at that particular time and location.