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A Year In The Life Of A Norfolk Field

This film captures the changing audio and visual landscape of a typical arable field as it is being farmed, within the county of Norfolk, UK. during the period June 2016 – June 2017.

All natural field recording tracks.

A Year In The Life Of A Norfolk Field

Saham by Gaslight

‘Saham by Gaslight’, an eleven track album captures the natural ambience heard between midnight and dawn at Saham Hills, a typical English village set in the heart of rural Norfolk. UK.

As with all Lawrence Barker’s natural field recordings, no attempt has been made to either enhance the audio, or filter out unwanted sounds by the use of audio processing techniques. The use of headphones places the listener at the particular time and location the recording was captured.

Album released May 27, 2017

The embedded player above is set to track 10: ‘The Stillness of Night: Roe Deer & Owls’. Use fingers or arrows to scroll down or up to other tracks.

If you’re puzzled by the audio in track 11: Recorded 11 May 2017. The owl is as expected, but the osprey in this case is a £43M Bell Boeing V-22 ‘Osprey’ of the USAF based at RAF Mildenhall.

Individual track information and high resolution versions of the audio files are available via the Bandcamp player link.

………. Enjoy!

Saham Hills Unleashed


Recorded at Saham Hills, Norfolk, England. UK. ‘Saham Hills Unleashed’ is a 3-track album of natural field recordings carried out between 23:11hrs 31 December 2016 and 00:10hrs 01 January 2017.

The 3no. tracks capture an amazing diversity of sound to be heard from Saham Hills, which includes not only the more distant and heart-warming ‘mellow’ sound of church bells wafting in on the gusty breeze, as bell ringers work hard to tame the 6 bells within St. George’s Church at Saham Toney, but also a sonic assault from the immediate neighbourhood as New Years Eve celebrations get under way. Party and firework celebrations can also be heard from afar, as the surrounding villages and particularly the market town of Watton appear to jump-start the New Year celebrations.

WARNING  **********  Listener discretion advised. Do not be deceived by the quieter passages within the tracks, as there are some sudden, unexpected, and seriously loud events!!


Electronica Digitalis


A short piece of experimental music which I composed in October 2010 from electromagnetic wave radiations, emitted by various electronic equipment, including:-

BT Broadband Home Hub
Laptop Computer
Wind-up Radio
Flat Screen Television
Sony Hi-MD Mini Disc Recorder MZRH1

The description entry for one of the tracks used in the composition initially puzzled me, but whilst listening to the track my memory immediately confirmed that the description was in fact correct as shown ‘Sony MZRH1 recorder, recording itself, recording itself ‘ ….and no it’s not a typo of the entry, which initially made me think otherwise.

All rumbles, clicks, clonks and whistles were recorded with a telephone pick-up coil fed direct to a Sony MZRH1 Hi-MD Recorder, which were then processed and edited into this piece.

Village Sounds


‘Village Sounds’ is a mid-side stereo field recording captured at approximately 8:00pm on 07 June 2016 in Saham Hills, a typical English village situated in the heart of rural Norfolk, United Kingdom.

This natural field recording includes the sound of wild birds, the distant sound of Saham Toney church bells, the sound of a local handyman, the distant sound of gunfire from a military training area, and  all other elements of ambient sound to be heard at that particular time and location.


Church Bells and Battle Sounds

25 Pdr Field Artillery In Action, Stanford Military Training Area 1966

Suffolk & Norfolk Yeomanry (Swaffham TA) 25 Pdr Field Artillery In Action, Stanford Military Training Area. 1966

25 Pdr Field Artillery Battery, Stamford Military Training Area. 1966

Suffolk & Norfolk Yeomanry (Swaffham TA) 25 Pdr Field Artillery Battery, Stanford Military Training Area. 1966

This rare juxtaposition of sound was heard emanating from two sources, Saham Toney Church bell ringing practice situated approximately 1mile away and a military training exercise taking place on Stanford Military Training Area with heavy field artillery, machine guns and helicopters, situated beyond the church approximately 8 miles away.

Field recording captured on the evening of 06 October 2015.